About Us

About us

Yes, You Can! Starting and growing your business just got easier with the practical help from BusinessTomato.com with improved structure and more content.

BusinessTomato.com has been restructured into the following parts that follow the logical business development steps:

BizStart – concrete advice to help you start your business;
BizPlan – articles and practical help on drafting Business Plans;
BizManage – articles on everything that is needed to successfully launch and manage your business;

BizGrow – tips of successful marketing and customer service, includes help on website design and internet marketing;
BizSource – articles on outsourcing, as well as crowdsourcing, of your business tasks;
BizFinance – practical help with the basics of business finance and accounting;

BusinessTomato.com is committed to providing the original content only. You can always contact us with your suggestions. For example, if you cannot find information about a specific topic that is relevant to starting and growing your business, you may propose the topic to BusinessTomato.com. We will try our best to write and publish it!

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